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P A U L I E is a name that you should be keeping an eye on, formerly one-half of the Cosmonauts, he’s now blazing his own cosmic trail under his new solo alias which combines the best of house, disco and italo.

While his previous release, ‘Spread Love’, was a deep, textured cut of house, ‘Want You’ showcases a different side to his productions, as he delves deep into the world of swirling cosmic italo.

‘Want You’ is going to be a released as a dub, and with remixes package, via P A U L I E’s Super Trooper label in August, but until then you can grab the original for free via P A U L I E’s Facebook page.

Do not sleep on this, as it one of the best tracks we’ve heard this summer.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/paulsidoli
Instragram: www.instragram.com/paulsidoli
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pauliemusicfactory

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.