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Stream Bot’Ox’s New EP ‘Grands Boulevards’

Bot’Ox continue to stoke anticipation for their new album ‘San Dormir’ by teasing us with another EP ‘Grand Boulevards’ and its accompanying video.

‘Grands Boulevards’ isn’t the typical sound you’d expect from the French duo individually – but does continues to build upon Bot’Ox’s raw sound that shuns normal perceptions of what dance music can actually be.

‘Grand Boulevards’ is a boisterous electronic pyschobilly number that sounds like a modern day bastard son of The Cramps. The accompanying video also introduces us to the Parisians as a live entity and directed by Irwin Barbé is a suitably dark and rawkus affair.

The remainder of the EP contains remixes from Margot, Jared Wilson and Roundhouse Kick who all keep the EP on a dark techno path for a bit dance-floor accessibility.

‘Grands Boulevards’ the fourth single off ‘San Dormir’ sees Bot’Ox continue to up the ante and the release of the album cannot come quick enough now.

Bot’Ox’s new album will be out October, 2013 via I’m A Cliche