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2CV are Guido le Saint & Jus de Veau and apparently they’re not French, though we suspect one of them is and the other is from Amsterdam.

Having cut their teeth with a club-night of the same name, 2CV occupy the ground between electro and disco, and they have just released their debut EP on On The Fruit Records.

The a-side ‘Bacon’ is a summery affair with strung out basslines, warm melodies and stabbing keys. For added depth the duo drench the track with effects, and then add in an all-important hook; in the shape of tiny vocoded vocal loop – it’s essentially the cherry on the top of an exquisite French pastry.

On the b-side you’ve got the club-y-er of the two tracks, which also has a sample of TOTO’s ‘Africa’, it’s not a cheap rip-off, no no no, as this track has dirty secret: it’s a bit of banger. Yes, we were quite surprised too.



Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.