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Toronto-based producer Mix Chopin has finally released his new French-touch inspired odyssey ‘MC²’, we say odyssey, because the EP takes the form of a mini album, a bit of a journey. So is it Ryan Air or Virgin Atlantic?

As you’d expect it starts with purpose as the opening track ‘Ice’ erupts into a showy twanging piece of neon disco-funk. It’s clearly taken a bit of inspiration from the gritty electro of 2006 as the track gathers saw synths over low-passes for a lively finish.

‘Day & Night’ is the first of the interludes and whilst it’s still skittish in nature, there are bright synths constantly trying to break free of their repressive filters. ‘Cant’ Buy It’ (interlude) is Chopin experimenting with his influences as the producer tries his best stab at touch-based Burial.

‘Can’t Buy It’ is where Choppin’s skills really lie; it’s an ode to old-school SebastiAn with jazzy licks a la Mr Scruff, then set to a steady jackin’ back beat. ‘Drive Push’ then pushes the EP into frenzied territory with a off-the-mark fast-forward funk track. Just no. To finish off the EP, Choppin unleashes ‘MC²’ – it’s almost certainly the highlight of the whole thing, starting with authority and a punch-y kick backed by playful pyschedlic synths. It still packs a healthy club-punch for the grand finale of the EP.

You can grab the entire EP for free by following the link in the player.

HBF Rating 4/5

Released on Réel Rec.

Artwork : Joseph Devitt Tremblay Pavel Ioudine 
Model : Samantha Bazzul

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Andrew Rafter

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