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‘Oh My God It’s Techno Music’ is the first official joint compilation from French label Police Records and legendary label OMGITM, who have generated a cult following through their free mixtapes, sought after fashion line, record label and parties.

Half of the tracks found on the forthcoming compilation are exclusives and include originals and remixes by Nickel, Fukkk Off, Gooseflesh, Dirty Disco Youth, NEEDS, Owl Vision, Alex Snow, Doc Trashz, D-R-U-N-K and many more.

As a label, Police Records has been fortunate to find both cult success and critical acclaim with recent releases by Fukkk Off, Nickel, Serge P, D-R-U-N-K and Korg Brain just to name a few.

Their output has been a fearless concoction of throbbing underground techno, sweaty bass heavy electro and post apocalyptic futuristic melodies, reflected in the eclecticism of the compilation.

OMGITM Records has also been responsible for bringing the rave factor back to clubs across Germany, often bogged down by the monotony of minimal and their bleep driven ilk. Founded by Chris Ernst and Florian Schmucker in 2007, their free-for-all, hi-octane approach to music and fashion sensibilities soon took their no-holds-barred parties across Europe and beyond.

Highlights from the compilation come in many sonic shapes and sizes, including Modek’s remix of FUKKK Off’s ’24/7′ which were premiering today as a free download.

Elsewhere you’ll find Yuksek’s protege’s Juveniles opening the compilation with their swirling remix of AV’s ‘Venus Bar’, Cyberpunkers are also on hand to show the world of EDM how to actually make rave music that doesn’t sound like it was made by a 12-year-old on Fruit Loops.

Owl Vision takes the compilation up a notch with their jarring track ‘Zeremony’ which channels everything from Boys Noize techno to the Chemical brothers – a real highlight. Vitalic’s label-mate John Lord Fonda makes an appearance with his usual suave electro-techno in the form of a remix of Alex Snow’s ‘Move Your Body’.

Bad Life young gun Attaque is on hand with his body-shaking techno aesthetic with ‘Formula 86’, which is almost certainly not for the feint hearted, but well worth your time. Elsewhere you’ll find face-pummelling cuts of electro from Gooseflesh, Blatta Inesha and Dirty Disco Youth – and to finish the compilation Ostblockschlampen unleashes a piece of hands-in-the-air electro.

Overall ‘Oh My God It’s Techno Music’ proves that techno outside of the of Berlin monopoly is thriving and dynamic, and if you’re looking for a selection of dastardly hard techno and electro cuts – you could do a lot worse than picking up this compilation.

HBF Rating 3/5

Out June 17.

 *Exclusive Tracks
1. AV – Venus Bar (Juveniles Remix) 5.19
2. Cyberpunkers – I Smoke Camel Light 5.54 *
3. Owl Vision – Zeremony (Original)  4.03
4. alex snow – Move your body ‘house mix’ (John Lord Fonda Re-edit) 6.37
5. Doc Trashz – Goodbye Elvis (Shameboy RMX)  – 5.53
6. Nickel – Transition/21.12.2012 – 5.27
7. Attaque – Formula 86 – 5.51
8. D-r-u-n-k – Ghetto (CLUB VERSION) – 4.56
9. Gooseflesh – Bronz – 5.16
10. Nanophonyk – Zirconium  – 6.09
11. Dumme Jungs – Feel Yeah (Etnik RMX) – 5.47
12. Serge P – Acid in 2107 (Needs Remix) – 5.25
13. FUKKK OFFF – 24 7/NONSTOP – Modek Remix – 5.33
14. Blatta Inesha – Texas Techno (Original) – 5.24
15. Ostblockschlampen – Signs 7.03 *
16. Dirty disco youth – The Music 4.05 *
17. NEEDS – kick dat needs mothafucka 4.48 *
18. Father – Omnisane 5.49 *
Twitter : www.twitter.com/#!/PoliceRecords 
Soundcloud : www.soundcloud.com/police-records
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OMGITM

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.