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As you’ve probably noticed the Daft Punk hype machine is getting a bit ridiculous, today we had Konbini claiming, for whatever reason, they’d been sent a leaked version of the album by an anonymous source – which on the face of it looks like an attempt at SEO whoring.

Well, thankfully DP’s overlords Columbia are beginning to take control of the situation and today released a new interview with Giorgio Moroder, where the producer openly talks candidly about his collaboration with the Robots.

He talks about his own productions with the late Donna Summer, when he first heard a Daft Punk track (amusingly he can’t remember its name), he talks about the recording process he went through with the Robots and then compares his own way of working to Daft Punk’s.

And just to make it even better there’s a couple bars worth of new material, which sounds suspiciously like that Nile Rodgers collaboration.

It looks as if this is the first in a run of interviews about the album, and its collaborators, so keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.