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Voltron is the electronic project of Mathias & Laurens Naudts, and apart from that we don’t really know anything about them. They’re releasing a new EP via Belgian label Smile Recordings today which has, in part, been produced by former Mustanger A.N.D.Y.

Clearly taking inspiration from Disclosure’s two-step pop, ‘Let Go’ occupies the ground between pop, garage and rnb – whether such a musical place actually exists is another question, but you can’t help be impressed by the single – it’s warm, whimisical and shows there’s life beyond a 4/4 time signature.

The only remix is by A.N.D.Y who transforms the track into a neon house remake, pitching the vocals down for soulful Chicago house inspired workout, that reminded us a bit of Jaydee’s ‘Plastic Dreams’, if a little more playful and pop-y.

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Andrew Rafter

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