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Indie trio, and Kitsune signed, Is Tropical were bestowed with many accolades a couple of year’s ago off the back of their debut album ‘Native To’ and the subsequent video for ‘The Greeks’.

Well, whilst writing their next album – which should be out this year – they’re releasing an new EP of electronic tracks that were “rattling around inside IS TROPICAL’s laptops” which the trio have subsequently finished off with the help of some friends.

“We’re sentimental; it’s not easy to just throw out an old mobile phone recording of six people playing the organ when we’re pissed. Riffs and melodies that wind up begrudgingly set aside during the songwriting process can turn into full tracks in their own right. More importantly, it ended up being an opportunity to work with some of our talented friends and in turn get inspired by what they do (and maybe clandestinely nick a glockenspiel on the way out).”

“‘Flags’ was about exorcising some of these dancefloor-based demo(n)s so we could go on to work on our record with fresh ears” said the trio.

First up, you’ve got ‘Oi Peru’, which was produced by Vision, it’s part stunning piano-driven ballad, part grinding electro track. There’s a  few nods to french electro a la Justice, and even a hint of bass music, but it never becomes a wobble. We especially like the squeal-y distorted synth line that bridges the two opposing elements of the track together.

Their other track is a bit of banger, too, it was actually part of a Kitsune compilation last year, but now it’s been re-envisioned with a rather splendid video. ‘Venezuela’ features Get People and is primarily made of a twisted 80’s riff, face-pounding drums, and just a hint of a vocal from the Trio – it’s gotten us very excited for their new album which should be out this spring.

Out January 22 via Kitsuné and Cooperative Records.

FLAGS EP tracklisting:
1. Mexico feat Goodbye Leopold and produced by DRUGZNDREAMZ
2. Oi Peru produced by VISIONS
3. Maria’s Colombia produced by Owen Pratt
4. Venezuela feat and produced by Get People

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.