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If we were doing a “ones to watch in 2013” it would almost certainly include the name Martin Dubka. He’s an interesting character, who we first heard of through his work on the excellent Tyson album, and, subsequently, with his most recent his most recent collaboration with Punk Jump Up’s on ‘Feel Good’.

His background has seen him study music and orchestration for several years as well touring with several bands as an accomplished double-bass player. Basically he seen and done it all. But, now it’s time for him to make his own way in the cut-throat world of dance music, and as you’d expect he doesn’t make big-room bangers, dubstep or glitch-hop – but warm, breezy disco.

His latest remix is for L’equipe du Son’s new single ‘Slow Notion’, which is taken from his new album ‘The Odyssey Project’, showcases his ability to work with a strong vocals. His remix isn’t particularly show-y or particularly forward thinking, but instead it’s smooth, warm and very more-ish. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a walk during a crisp autumnal day.

It’s pretty hard for us not to compare Dubka with Stuart Price; they both play bass; they both have made name for themselves as astute producers and engineers, but only time will tell if Dubka reaches the dizzying heights of Mr Price – but we wouldn’t bet against him.

Out December 3 via Silhouette Music.



Andrew Rafter

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