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London production duo Figures, aka Jamie Blanco and James Delay, are making a name for themselves with their unique take electronic music. Rather than being loud, in-your-face, and over the top, they much prefer a more low-key palette; lumbering and full of depth and texture, whilst taking influences from house and disco without every being too retrospecitve. Call it the anti-EDM, if you will.

Their latest song is a remix of Box of Ghosts’ ‘Silouette’ and is probably their most experimental track to date. They take the vocal and rework it with a folksy edge, they then layer their vintage synths over the top to give it an otherworldly quality. Imagine Woodkid in disco peril and you’re someway to understanding their unique take on ‘Silhouette’.

Grab it for free here.

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Download Box of Ghosts brand new EP for free at http://www.ghostpop.net

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.