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Paris-based disco producer Zimmer is giving away his rework of Chic’s ‘Everybody Dance’ for free – the rework has been a staple of his sets for the best part of a year and now you can have it for the price of a like.

The Paris-based producer came to everyone’s attention last year with his horizontal disco gem ‘Cruisin’ which was released on Portuguese imprint D.I.S.C.O.T.E.X.A.S.

Thankfully Zimmer doesn’t run rough-shot over this piece of disco royalty, but merely tweaks the composition and adds some toms to give it a percussive club edge.

In case you missed you can grab his remix of Belgian buzz-band Montevideo and their last single ‘Horses’.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.