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Lane 8 has been a real surprise package this summer – he first came to everyone’s attention when his track ‘Don’t Want You Back’ appeared on one of the Magician’s magic tapes, since then has given us ‘Dusty‘ and now he’s giving you lucky lot ‘We Won’t Know’ a three-track EP of house and disco.

‘We Won’t Know’ is the deeper side of Lane 8. It still keeps his trademark post production of layers of trippy effects and fills – but it sees the producer really delve deeper into the nuances of house and disco; it’s darker, more textured and, ultimately, just more complex.

The first track is the Lane 8 we all know and love; warm, woozy and full of melancholy. It’s sees the American producer take disco into a more reserved sphere. From the doughy pianos to the chatty guitars it oozes quality – it’s still Lane 8, but just more intricate and more daring.

‘Down To You’ is a much harder track to decipher; it’s a starts with a rasping synth over clattering kicks, then there’s a reverse lead which acts as an unintended hook. The only way to explain it would be Dirty bird disco. It’s genuinely odd, but most definitely compelling as he adds a touch of light with an inspiring piano line over the top which brings the whole track together.

‘Thinking About You’ would fall somewhere between the two – it’s probably the hardest of the three with a looping hook and bubbly bassline used to give it an intoxicatingly hypnotic feel as he layers more and more effects over the top.

If this is what Lane 8 can do, think what he could come up with if people actually gave him money for his music.

Head over to Lane 8’s Facebook page for a free download of all three tracks.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.