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Despite having a name that sounds like a retired garage duo – Aashton & Swift are a couple of likely lads from Brighton who make house music. They’re are about to release their first EP on London label Body Work, who have been bringing us vintage cuts of house and techno from the likes of Waze & Odyssey and CSY Stripes.

A&S’ output is a little easier on the ear than their contemporaries, ‘Holy House’ represents that perfect sweet spot between old-school house and disco; but with plenty of nods to dub, reggae and soul, too.

It starts off fairly run of the mill; driving low-slung bass lines and heavy hitting steel drums are the main elements. But by the time you hit the main drive the whole thing comes together almost out of nowhere as the steel drums are brought back on beat, by the time you’re done you just want to press play again.

‘Covenant’ is a little bit more playful. It’s certainly the lighter of the two, but again, once you hit the main drive it turns like a disco chamelon into something far more thumping and then for one last shift it goes all hands-in-air for the breakdown. (Free download.)

On hand for a remix is Tronic Youth who churns out a sweaty, deep, house work-out. It’s full of reverbs and delays to create a solid groove – he throws in his ubiquitous beeps and bleeps, layers over a cosmic lead and, then, just lets it meander.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.