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Turkish disco producer Surrender! is a name that you should be keeping an eye on, signed to fledgling label La Bombe his latest EP is an exciting blend of classic drum-machined house, vintage European soundtrack obscurity and feel good nu-disco.

Combining soaring brass hooks and elements of piano house ‘Fast Days’ is everything we look for in up-beat disco track – there are, of course, shades of more esoteric influences, but they never get in the way of what is a spectacular hook and back beat.

‘Volute’ is a darker, less obvious, but still has the same sort of impact – it’s brimming full of murky pads, arp’d synths and shows off Surrender’s shadowy side.

There’s no doubt in our mind Surrender’s! 21st century take on French touch and disco is sure to see his star rise during 2012, and with a debut album expect in August we’ll be hearing a lot more from Surrender in the near future.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.