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Danger aka Frank Rivoire is a man of mystery – he comes and goes as he pleases, hell, we haven’t heard anything from him for at least a year – apparently he’s in hiding because he’s allergic to the sunlight and he’s working on his debut album, which according the latest chinese whispers we’ve heard isn’t going to be ready this year. Booooooo!

But, we’ve been keeping our eye’s peeled for some fresh material and came across another, not so well known, Soundcloud account he is running – which had two new remixes, well, when we say new – they’re actually instrumentals of two older remixes he did in 2008 – so new-ish.

First of, we’ve got a remix of Sebastian Tellier’s ‘Divine’ – it’s classic Danger electro: loud, brash, exciting, and just goes to show that electro can be good and not the hallmark of a washed-up douche.

Even better is the second remix, it’s for Lil Jon’s ‘Give It All You Got’ – it see’s Danger flex his dark funk muscles – its got those twinkling synths we all know and love as well his trademark power Zimmer-basslines – a electronic breath of fresh air if you ask us.

Now all we need know is the sun to go away and Danger to release his debut album.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.