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La Tebwa are a mainstay for sending us music that we’ve not heard before, from artists we’ve never heard of, which is always great. Today’s example is ARI, who is quite a creative person from the sounds of his/hers ‘Don’t’ EP.

‘Don’t’ is warm electronica made up of sliced and diced vocals, warm basslines and pitter-patter percussion – the first thing we thought was has Siriusmo got a French son or daughter called Ari? No.

‘Bug’ is more of a driving electro track full of vocoded vocals, folksy synth lines and is probably like nothing you’ll have ever heard before. Has Siriusmo finally cracked time travel and is sending us music from the future? No.

‘Supernova’ is the gentle, more reserved track of the bunch, shuffling synths coalesce with even more spookier basslines and beeps and bleeps to create something soothing, yet hypnotic. We thought to ourselves has Siriusmo kidnapped Air and forced them to make cool music again? No.

This is Ari.

Out May 9 via La Tebwa/Helpyourself.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.