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Finally the disco gods have answered. Mighty Mouse is giving away the dub (meaning good) version of his remix for Shake Aletti.

It’s not that the vocal was bad – it was terrible, but who are we to criticise – we’d sound like a slowly dying weasel if we tried to hold a note.

In other Mouse-y news: the new Might Mouse compilation is out today. Now, we were going to review it, but that seems a little pointless as it made of 28 songs that have been talked about so much. Suffice to say it can stand shoulder to shoulder with Vito’s ‘In Flight Entertainment’ any day of the disco-week.

It continues the same theme as last year’s version, where the first CD see’s Mighty Mouse flex their psychedelic muscles with just over an hour of quirky disco taking in everyone from up-and-comers Drop Out Orchestra, Gigamesh & Pat Lok to Kamp!, Bit Funk and Oliver.

The second CD is more your club disco mix – it’s full of shiny disco bangers including now legendary ‘Inspector Norse’, ‘Now Now Now’ and ‘I Don’t Know What To Do’. Basically if you want a snap-shot of what has been big in disco-blog-land then you need to do yourself a favour and buy it.

HBF Rating 5/5 (oh look we did review it)

Buy it here: Beatport  Amazon

Andrew Rafter

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