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Helium Robots are London duo Lidia Jones and Ewan Willmott, they make leftfield electronica. Trying to pigeonhole this duo is an exercise in futility as their unique brand of electronic music is a bit all over the place. But, we’ll give it a bloody good try.

Their music has the playfulness of say a Siriusmo, the weirdness of Oizo, and the melody of a Mylo – it’s not to say they’re quite as accomplished as those names – but as soon as you hear ‘Lynzintine’ you’ll either love it or wonder whether we’ve finally lost our mind. We’re hoping it’s not the latter.

‘Clear Eye To The Horizon’ takes the weirdo-factor up a notch, as the track runs frenetically around your head like like a bad dream. The final track is a remix of ‘Delve’ by unknowns Wrong Island. There remix is great, it’s a hypnotic acid house builder, full of snappy drums, driving synths and a plenty of beeps and bleeps.

Download the EP here.

Debut album ‘Voltopia’ out May 28.‏

Website / http://bit.ly/HR-OfficialSite

Soundcloud / http://bit.ly/HR-Soundcloud

Facebook / http://on.fb.me/HR-Facebook

Andrew Rafter

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