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One of the leading lights of spacious house and disco has been New York’s Morgan Geist. Ever since he dropped ‘Miura’ all those year’s ago he’s been held in such high regard.

Well, he’s making a return with the new alias Storm Queen and a new EP ‘Look Right Through’. Defected have dropped a few previews of the remixes and seemingly not much has changed; powerful house ballads with rich vocals with simple, yet, punchy percussion.

It’s coming out via Defected in February and deserves suitably amazing remix package, so step forward Jamie Jones, Dimitri From Paris and Aeroplane to give the original the ability to cross over into all spheres of dance music.

Jamie Jones, fresh from being voted RA’s number 1 DJ of 2011, turns in a stripped out re-work, focused around a heavy bassline vibe and some killer snare rolls. Dimitri From Paris’ Erodiscomix takes things on an old school Chicago house tip, with a twist of disco keys thrown in for good measure. Rounding things off the always superb Aeroplane delivers a driving Nu-House remix with a knowing nod to Kraftwerk.

Release date: Feb 1, 2012 via Defected

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.