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Oliver is the moniker of two LA producers who are making quite a splash with their funk-laden big-room disco. Compromised of Vaughn Oliver (U-Tern) and Oliver Goldstein (aka Oligee) their first EP ‘Dirty Talk’ is out today via the always on the money Kitsune.

Disco like many genres has got a large, and loyal, following – but can it ever reach the heights of a trance-y mcbobins like Tiesto? Or dare I say dubstep’s new poster boy Skrillex? If you’re an avid follower of blogs (which you are) you’ll already think it already has. Well, not quite, but just maybe with Oliver.

LA duo Oliver might well be the duo to take disco to the next level; Dirty Talk is full of big-room swagger. The lead track has everything an anthem needs; catchy, but, clever vocals, which have a classic Felix Da Housecat quality to them – Americanised, if you will – super-snappy percussion a la Prydz and a smorgasbord of sumptuous synths – overall it’s straight out of disco’s top draw.

The other original comes in the form of ‘Walk With Me’ a smoother cut of disco straight of out Quincy’s Jones’ best-selling guide “How To Make Funk White Boy”. The gurgling bass hooks dance around with equally happy synths to make a track that is so full of the joys of summer it has the words summer tattooed on it’s face.

The originals sit alongside a couple of stellar remixes from Black Van (another of Kris Menace’s alter egos). Basically, it’s amazing. If there was an award for the most hands-in-the-air disco track of the last 12 months this would win hands down.

Punks Jump Up thankfully take ‘Dirty Talk’ in the other direction to make a proper underground cut, no compromises are shown as they infuse it with a heady shot of European drug fuel.

HBF Rating 5/5

Buy it here.

To celebrate the release, Oliver have made a special mix which shows of their crate digging skills with plenty of lost-long disco gems (well probably).

When The Lights Go Out
I Surrender
Funky Is On
Bad Passion
Let’s Ride
Shine Your Light
Just The Way I Planned It
Move For Me
Heaven Of My Life
Shout About It
Feels Good
It’s Passion
Running Back To You
All Over Your Face
Fresh Flesh
Wojtyla Dance Disco
Handsome Man
Don’t Try To Stop Me
The Key
I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
Midnight Lady
Not Tonight
Got To Have Loving
Peaches Prunes
Any Time Or Place
Try Outs For The Human Race
Me Giorgio
My Camera Never Lies



Andrew Rafter

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