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The Chems are finally going to try and bottle the magic and excitement of their live performance into film format, a tall order you’d think, but ‘Don’t Think’ (we know the name is terrible) is the first film to have been recorded in full Dolby 7.1 – which should go some way to capturing a bit of that Chems magic.

We saw them in August this year, and not only was the music amazing and the visuals spellbinding;  it’s the die-hard Chemical fans that make the duo’s performances so legendary. During the big finale for their set – one die-hard fan had had managed to sneak a flare in to be let off at the perfect moment (the big break down) – he let the flare off much to the crowds delight and it went from being a great performance to a legendary one. These are moments that just can’t be capture unless you experience it for yourself, in a muddy field, with thousands fellow ravers.

Filmed with 20 cameras at a headline show at Japan’s very own Glastonbury – Fujirock Festival – Don’t Think is the first time the full Chemical Brothers’ live experience has been captured on film. Directed by long-term visuals collaborator Adam Smith this full-length concert movie places cameras in the centre of the stage as well as at the very heart of the crowd to perfectly capture a fan’s eye view of the heightened emotional reactions of the audience seeing the band at their very best.

Adam Smith said: “After 18 years of working on The Chemical Brothers live show we have finally captured it on film; you could almost say it’s 18 years in the making The aim was to create a different type of concert film for a different type of show.

“I wanted to capture what it is like to experience the show from right in the middle of the crowd as well as showing and combining the visuals featured in the show with the footage we captured on this one night; to see how the music and visuals emotionally affect and connect with the audience. By using small unobtrusive cameras – and with thanks to the kindness of the amazing Japanese crowd – we were given privileged insights into the private moments of joy, fear and ecstatic escapism from reality that this show induces.

“Included in that are flights of fantasy around the festival that are going on inside an audience member’s head. We also allowed some of the images from the show to head off the screens and invade the festival. Over the course of the film, we are taken on a journey through the psychedelic trip that is the Chemical Brothers live experience.”

The Chemicals said: “In the recording of a single show – a single night on a Japanese mountainside – Adam Smith, our long time collaborator, has managed to capture the atmosphere of a very special festival appearance.  Come see how it feels to feel, be overwhelmed, intoxicated, swoonerated…  Surrender to the void”

“This film is the closest I will ever get to being at a Chemical Brothers show…  and yeah, it’s a beautiful experience.”

On 26th January 2012, 20 cinemas across 20 cities worldwide will host an exclusive advance screening offering fans the first chance to see Don’t Think.

For an exclusive preview of the cinema trailer along with a full list of cinemas with links to buy tickets visit:


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.