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Everyone knows Starlight, it’s like funk-kryptonite, it sold 2 million copies and made The Supermen Lovers one of the most recognisable producers in France and the world. Well, it’s time for the return of fantastically eccentric Frenchman, Guillaume Atlan, for a new adventure ‘Between The Ages’.

When you press play, you’re instantly transported to funk-inspired comic-strip where the main protagonist, Guillaume, travels the world with his funk band with one mission – to turn that frown upside down. You’ll be hard pressed not to be converted by the overly optimistic ‘We Get The Booty’ – a box of pop-tricks, packed with full-on cheesy vocals, Chic basslines and just wait until you hear the harmonica solo – it’s pure French genius.

‘Take A Chance’ shows the Guillaume Atlan wears his influences on his sleeve and is not ashamed of it. It’s massively over-the-top, pop-alicious, commercial fun. Expect half a pound of cheesy vocals, podgy basslines and overly repeated crescendos – then throw in some guitar solos, twanging electric strings and over-the-top horns for good measure.

But, Guillaume is no mug. He knows you need more than just a playful disposition; it needs to have bags of energy, flair and must make you want to dance. As you dive deeper in the adventures of ‘Between The Ages’ you’re taken on a wild ride of more club-orientated flavours. These come in the shape of ‘Family Business’; a duet that sounds a bit like a face-off between Donna Summer and Chef – refereed by Guillaume. The album develops a concept as there are sprinkles of a narrative, similar to the soundbites you used to get on classic trigger-finger rap records, but these are slightly different; radios interludes, which are less Pac and Biggie and more Elton and David.

There’s a slightly darker side to G-man, and its ‘Keep The Funk Alive’; a deep thudding disco track, that marries gurgling vocals, twinkling synths and tight percussion, by the end it turns into a rather melancholic affair but wins you over from start to finish. There are real moments of French colorful genius along the way as the album morphs and changes track by track. You’ll hear hip-hop influences in the boisterous ‘Olga’, nu-disco vibes in ‘Say More’ and electro fun with ‘ Impact’

The album is packing more organic vibes Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall as G-man lavishly uses synthesizers, loops, and real played instruments to weave a tapestry of wild influences. It’s not the sort of album you can dive in and out of. It’s a journey, where there are no stops, no breathers, you’re in it for the long haul and it’s a fantastically unpredictable and rewarding journey. There are more unconventional influences with crazy cuts of cartoony French house with ‘Eagle Shadow’ bombastic funk with ‘Electric Whispers’ and more considered French vibes with ‘Working Girl’.

‘Between the ages’ sees Guillaume Atlan make a time machine and kidnap the best of 70’s funk, eclectic 80’s pop and 90’s commercial dance to make an album that is greater than the sum of it parts. It’s like the the anti-plod, chicken soup for the musical soul, the sort of music you’d play to a techno tourist as a form of torture – for us it’s hands down one of the most entertaining albums of this year.

HBF Rating 10/10

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Andrew Rafter

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