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Mumbai Science is a name you’ll be hearing about a lot over the next three months, and that’s because they have series of EP’s coming out called ‘Unified Theory’ via Lektroluv Records. The first one will be out January 9, with the following parts to be released in February and March – the duo are calling it their triumvirate of electronic music (apparently it’s Roman for three men holding power).

The first part of this unique trilogy will be ‘Researchers’ & ‘Commandments’ – which looks to explore the nuances between techno, electro, and acid. With support for their last track ‘Lotus’ ranging from 2 Many DJ’s to Brodinski – 2012 is shaping up to be a big year for the Beligum duo.

We’ll be interviewing the duo in the coming weeks, but until then why not sample the latest Unified Theory Mixtape – we haven’t got a tracklisting, but it’s almost certain to have ‘Researchers’ & ‘Commandments’ nestling somewhere in-between the acid stabs and shadowy basslines.

Unified Theory Mixtape


Download here.


Andrew Rafter

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