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Premiere: Compuphonic is back with a new single and mixtape


The criminally under-appreciated Compuphonic has come out of hibernation to release a brand-new single on Exploited Records, and to celebrate he’s made a new edition of his ‘Tales’ mixtape series which we’re premiering.

Both tracks, ‘Metropolis’ & ‘Slow Bilboa’, fall squarely in the world of restrained deep house, and the restrained element is most welcoming. Because, lets be honest, deep house has become pop-house in recent months, with the genre’s depth and nuanced approached to production surgically removed and replaced with wooshing breakdowns aimed squarely at simple people.

Compuphonic is much too good for that, ‘Metropolis’, therefore, is a subdued cut of deep house that’s far from being boring, in fact, by allowing the melodies and composition the space to actually breathe, it’s all the better for it.

‘Slow Bilboa’ is similarly bone-achingly beautiful, but it’s actually a little harder as the kicks pulse in foreground instead of the background, then there’s the bassline; a lo-fi-ish warble that adds an extra layer of complexity and warmth to proceedings.

More of this, please.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.