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If you’re anything like us. (born in the UK during the 80’s and watched Neighbour’s) Kylie is a old-friend, someone you saw religiously Monday to Friday at 5:30 while you ate your dinner. For any red-blooded male of this time she’s a bit child-hood crush that you’ll have a special affinity for; not necessarily for her music (which we all secretly love), but just for being Kylie.

So, when we came across a remix of hers, we obviously started gushing a little – call us a loser or a douche – we don’t care – Kylie is king or should that be Queen ? (ah, but that doesn’t rhyme.) Who cares. Well, we then came across two we almost fainted. (quick call Dr Carl, Flick!)

The first one is by our new favourite Frenchman, Monsieur Adi. His is fantastic; it’s a soap-opera marriage of big French electro synths and fun-time pop. The kick is straight out of killer rock track and the Frenchman’s surgical precision when cutting the vocals is especially amazing. It’s definitely contender for one of the best remixes of the year.

Which ever douche decided it shouldn’t make the release we both love and hate. Hate: because your obviously a tone deaf moron, and love: because now we can have it for fee.

Kylie Minogue – Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) [Monsieur Adi Remix] by Monsieur Adi

Download here.

And we’re not finish there, the other remix is from US funk merchant Blue Satellite – his is all filtered funk goodness – it’s a more happy-go-lucky disposition – but it actually forms a nice contrast against Adi’s edgier version.

Kylie Minogue – Put Your Hands Up (Blue Satellite Remix) by Blue Satellite

Download here.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.