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Aeroplane has finally released his In Flight Entertainment compilation today, the premise behind the project was for Vito further his monthly mixtapes so artist’s actually might make some money, we know a scary thought. A compilation handpicked by Vito that would do Aeroplane’s mixtape series justice and, not only that, be so amazing that you would pay for it. A tall order, yes, but one that he, and the artists who have helped, have accomplished.

If you’re a total noob, it was Aeroplane that made mixtapes cool again; every month, without fail, they’d release an amazing mixtape of hidden gems they played and, most importantly, believed in. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say they probably helped numerous acts along the way just by putting their music in the mixtapes.

Now, we probably thought the same as you. How is he going to make it a worthy purchase? Would he give away a free flight on Vito Airways to some far-flung Disco Island? No. Maybe, a date with the disco looker? No. He would wants to woo your musical senses with a collection of tracks that have never been heard before, tracks made specifically for the compilation mix, from the cream of the crop of up-and-coming nu-disco talent.

Not only do you get the full set of mp3’s that make up the compilation, you also get the fully mixed version. From the moment you fire it up the mix you know you’re in familiar surroundings. Now, we listened to every mixtape from the series, and there’s no doubt this is the very best. Yes. It’s even better than the one you got from Mixmag. He’s created something really quite special. In our mind it’s definitely greater than the sum of it parts. It treads similar ground to an Aeroplane DJ set, but instead its crammed into 61 minutes of high-octane club disco.

Where do we start with the track selection, well it reads like a who’s who of talent, you’ve got Herr Styler’s ‘Zero Ghost Out The Door’ which continues their assault of wonderfully cinematic, yet feverishly odd disco – if you like their remix of Shindu – this one is for you. You’ve got a stunning intro from Poolside, which sounds like a long-lost Air track (when they were amazing). We loved the vocals from up-and-comers Drop Out Orchestra and their track ‘It Will Never Be The Same Again’. You’ll hit the disco g-spot with RipTide’s high-energy ‘Sophie’ – possibly the best track on the whole CD. As you reach towards to the end of mix Vito turns it up a notch with his own offering ‘Save Me Now’ – simply amazing, why wasn’t this on his album? It continues its climatic journey with nuggets of pure euphoric disco-gold from HBF favourite Moonlight Matters, Oliver, Cosmonauts and loads of other hidden talent.

Ultimately Vito, and the artists who make up the mix, manages to achieve that first musical epiphany you had when you first heard an Aeroplane mixtape; that moment where, for many, you knew nu-disco wasn’t just some hipster flash-in-the-pan or just a stopgap until electro becomes good again. Nu-disco in our mind has become something really quite special and this compilation is proof of that.

HBF Rating 10/10

Vito kindly offered us a copy of the 12″ Vinyl, and as we’re super nice, we going to giving it away to one luck reader. Leave a message on our Facebook, in the comment sections or tweet us @mrhbf – and we’ll choose a winner. You never know he might be kind enough to sign it.

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Aeroplane – Save Me Now by RTribouillier

Aeroplane – In Flight Entertainment (compilation) by eskimorecordings

Andrew Rafter

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