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Alex Metric has built himself quite the reputation as the go-to-guy for stunning remixes lately – so it wouldn’t be a bad thing if he compiled his finest work into one handy mixed CD – this is ‘Open Your Eyes’.

The remix roster reads like the phone book of Jay Z – it’s a testament to his selection process and where so far he hasn’t done a bad remix. The only thing we can compare it to is Yuksek’s remix mixtape which he did last year – ‘Open Your Eyes’ is of that level. It’s crammed full of the worlds top music acts – you’ll find everything from N.E.R.D, Phoenix, Fenech Soler, Depeche Mode and Bloc Party to The Beastie Boys, La Roux and The Gorillaz.

In total you get 14 tracks, made up of 11 remixes and two collaborations – the CD opens with his French electro remix of The Phoenix’s ‘Litszomania’ and Metric’s electro disco rendition more than lives up to the billing. Muddy bass lines, sassy vocals and pop sensibilities combine to make it one of the stand out tracks. It then mixes into the Gorrilaz’s ‘Stylo’ – this is the best Gorillaz remix you will find anywhere – it clatters along with slapping claps, driving disco synths, sharp vocals and thudding kicks.

In many ways Alex Metric’s remix style treads the similar ground to French electro wizz-kid Yuksek – who is also famed for amazing remixes. There’s just something about the way he combines the energy of electro with a thick smattering of organic disco goodness and a wide palette of pop influences. The French electro theme continues through to his remix of N.E.R.D’s ‘Hypnotize You’ with nervy synths at the beginning combining with the main synth hook for track that builds and builds. The pay-off comes in the form of the mix into Fenech Soler’s ‘Lies’.

The CD continues the chaotic pace with the skittish synths of Ellie Goulding’s high octane ‘Salt Skin’ the euphoria of La Roux’s ‘Quicksand’ and the thrash-rock of The Beastie Boy’s seminal hit ‘Sabotage’ – by the final few songs you’ve been treated to mix that has slapped, kicked and pulled you through the best of the last 20’s years of popular culture – all through the minds-eye of an electro artist at the top of his game.

By the end of it you’re left totally convinced by the pedigree of Alex Metric – we’d say he’s probably the most exciting electro artist in the UK at the moment – he’s now set the bar extremely high for his debut album but if his remixes album is anything to by it’s going to be one wide ride.

HBF Rating 9/10

Out now.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.