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Bastille are a duo from Los Angeles, we know this because they emailed us to ask would we post their super-cool filtered French house EP ‘Bumpin’ – as with any submissions that have the word “French” in them – we thought we’d give it a moment of our time.

14 minutes later and we were still listening. The  3-track EP pays tribute to the best of French house – it’s nothing new and doesn’t particularly tread new ground – it’s just really well-made good ol’ fashioned French House, but what stood out for us was the quality of production – it’s tight. Really tight.

First of you have the banger of the bunch. The title track ‘Bumpin’ lives or dies on its build-up and the break down – thankfully they’re both ace, particularly sweet is the bassline patter during the build-up which is sublime and when it drops it’s all types of French win.

Bumpin by Bastille

Download here.

Next is ‘Wide Open’ which is a more funk-driven homage to French house. But the beats still snap and the sampled-vocal is cleverly sprinkled around – and it’s all brought together with a lovely playful guitar riff.

Wide Open by Bastille

Download here.

And to finish are the muddy basslines and snappy disco beats of ‘Pump of the volume’ which samples the song of the same name – it’s fun, catchy and expertly put together.

Pump Up The Volume by Bastille

Download here.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.