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Monday is almost over. So therefore it’s time to feel energised and ready to do something constructive. This feeling of purpose we all strive for can also be attained by listening to the new Pulpalicious’s ‘Body Talk’ EP.

It’s quite something. French rave and electro cooked up in a way that sounds exciting and new – the original of ‘Bodytalk’ immediately made us think of Boy’s Noise’s club anthem ‘Yeah’ but not in a superficial, copying, kind of way – this is a full-fat French version. A track that really could propel Pulpalicious into the consciousness of every drug-fueled connoisseur that hears it. It’s superb.

Pulpalicious – Bodytalk by Paranoiak Record Label

Next up is the more introvert and classy offering. ‘LA Walkway’ it has a more emotional vibe baked in from the start, but it’s tempered with some very clever effects, programming and vocoding shenanigans. It follows the blueprint for amazing french electro to the letter. Quite brilliant.

Pulpalicious – L.A. Walkaway by Paranoiak Record Label

And to finish the EP we have ‘Smell My Finger’ it draws the energy of ‘Bodytalk’ and the grandeur of ‘LA Walkway’ to make a high-octance piece of effects-riddled French goodness.

Pulpalicious – Smell My Fingers by Paranoiak Record Label

Now we move onto the remixes. Now it would quite something if the remixes were also fantastic? Well, you’ll be glad to know that they both do a stellar job of joining in the fun of “looks at us, were french and amazing” formula.

First up we have the remix from Sovgner In Love remix. And quite frankly were in love too. Born at number 10 banger road for sure.

Pulpalicious – Bodytalk (Sovnger in love Remix) by Paranoiak Record Label

Now it would be quite frankly ridiculous of us to say that we’ve left the best until last – well we think so. And it comes from an old friend of HBF Irish Steph – who delivers a dancefloor earthquake with his remix. And to top it – it’s the freebie for this release. All types of noisey french win.

Pulpalicious – Body Talk (Irish Steph remix)


Download here.

HBF Rating 9/10

Out June 27 on iTunes and July 4 on other digital platforms.

Pulpalicious: http://on.fb.me/kOp7TH
Paranoiak: http://on.fb.me/m3Gvu4


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.