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Cosmonaut Grechko has been impressing over the last 6 months, with a plethora of remixes, edits and mixtapes – now he’s ready to drop his latest EP which features remixes from Show Your Shoe, Blue Satellite and Hierophant Green.

Called ‘Alaska’ it features sultry vocals from Joywave and She’s The Queen, the opening track is ‘Singin” and draws you in nice and gently with a love lo-fi intro – nothing banger about this. The track progresses well with some lovely organic bass, pops and clicks percussion and a cushion-soft kicks. Musically it reminded us of Labyrinth Ear – this is a good thing.

Singin’ (feat. Joywave) by Cosmonaut Grechko

The next track is ‘All I Hear’ featuring She’s The Queen on vocals – it again continues the effortlessly serene and gentle manner of ‘All I Hear’ it’s more chill-wave than disco – but it’s some lovely electro pop – almost immediately the intro reminded us of early Air – so this mean it’s very good indeed.

All I Hear (feat. She’s The Queen) by Cosmonaut Grechko

Next up, is ‘Coloureye’ again the intro is just so inviting, Cosmonaut is certainly showing us that there is more to life than bangers, his Alaska EP harps back to the early synth-pop of Royksopp – ‘Coloureye’ shows off some lovely vocal wizardry too and is our favourite.

Coloreye by Cosmonaut Grechko

‘Alaska 2100’ is definitely the most up-beat track and is filtered french disco synth-pop combo – it just gets you moving – a great way to finish the originals found on this EP.

Alaska 2100 by Cosmonaut Grechko

Then we have the remixes, the first is from HBF favourite Show You Shoe and doesn’t disappoint; it’s soft as Swiss cheese and shows once again why were so excited by Nico and his electro funk music.

All I Hear (Show Your Shoe Remix) by Cosmonaut Grechko

Next up we have the Autoremix for ‘Singin’ which is a more 4-on-the-floor disco re-interpretation, it still continues that lo-fi sensibilities of the tracks before, but a good remix none-the-less.

Singin’ (Autoremix) by Cosmonaut Grechko

Hierphant Green goes for a more banging italo remix of ‘Singin’, totally at odds with was has come before, but thankfully it’s good, and its a welcomed increase in tempo from what has come before it.

All I Hear (Hierophant Green Remix) [iTunes Bonus] by Cosmonaut Grechko

And to finish we have the ever impressive Blue Satellite who injects a healthy dollop of energy into ‘Singin’ and makes a really good remix and what’s better still it’s the freebie to get you all excited about the EP.

Singin’ (Blue Satellite Remix) by Cosmonaut Grechko

Download here.

Overall the ‘Alaska’ EP is some lovely lo-fi synth-pop – it’s beatifully arranged, shows off Cosmonauts Grechko’s skills and comes with some lovely remixes – it’s certainly does his credentials, as a one to watch, no harm at all.

HBF Rating 8/10

Release date: May 15, 2011



Andrew Rafter

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