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Greg Kazubski, half of Teenage Bad Girl, released his first EP in 2008 under the controversial name of “Teenage Bad Girl Is Dead”, causing concern for the fans and confusion on the blogs.

After the back-to-back releases of ‘Tonton Funk’ and ‘Keep Up With You,’ it seems as though the duo is back with a much awaited second album called “Backwash” scheduled for June.

Kazyo who is the other half of TBG was at it too, with a new remix for John Lord Fonda’s ‘Bang,’ which features on his album entitled ‘Bang That Fire!’ out since 7th March. You can now grab an unreleased remix of ‘Braguette’ which has been remixed by Nightbreaker, a young English prodigy whose next EP will be released by Citizen Records.

Grab his amazing banging remix for free and keep and ear out for this chap and his demonic cut up electro, he could be massive. You heard it here first. Warning this is not for the feint hearted.

Kazyo – Braguette (Nightbreaker Remix) by Citizen Records

Download here.

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He really does sound like a UK version electro dark horse Danger with a little bit of SebastiAn for good measure – can’t get a better endorsement than that.

Andrew Rafter

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