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John Lord Fonda is the nearest thing you can get to Vitalic, this is a fact, he is about the release his album ‘Supersonique’ which is a cacophony of French pounding electro and techno all served up on Vitalic’s own imprint Citizen records.

But the million dollar question does he live up to the comparison? Well, yes and he does and does it in his own way, it more club orientated, more banging and more intense. Vitalic’s evil brother if you will.

The album starts as it means to go on with the pounding club anthem ‘Brunette Tattoo’ smarter than average synths, big break downs and head-thumping kicks makes for a proper statement of intent.

John Lord Fonda – Brunette Tatoo by Citizen Records

The similarities between V man are even more apparent, with ‘You Originate’ as it introduces the first vocal of the LP, a vocal that wouldn’t be out of place on the last Vitalic LP. It’s deep techno electro at its finest, plenty of white noise fun to be found all over it.

John Lord Fonda – You Originate by Citizen Records

Moving on Fonda slows the pace down with a brooding minimal number, it’s emotive and robotic from start to finish, a lovely breather from the intensity that has come before.

The whole album swings effortless between electro and techno something that is rarely seen these days, and the production is spot on from start to finish, a proper succinct listen from start to finish. It’s dance music but not as we know.

The deep and dark textures continue at the half way point with ‘Jean Seigner’ it’s a trippy and demonic track from start to finish, but doesn’t sound out of place one bit.

‘Emiliana’ raise the pace again to an almost trance pace, but this isn’t some pap dutch stuff it’s pumping old skool French techno, you know the 140 stuff. Then out of nowhere it goes full throttle, and breaks out into a distortive electro gem – a stand out track for us.

John Lord Fonda – Emiliana by Citizen Records

The album finishes on a high with pulsating ‘What’s Going On’ a quirky synth driven trip into Mr Fonda’s minds-eye, every sound, beat and plump kick is sublte enough not to annoy, but there’s no doubt its relentless from start to finish.

Fonda calls in the 808 for support with ‘Heaven’s On Fire’  which is a stripped-back techno homage, we’d imagined caves with techno bats and other scary stuff like that, then the synth hook grab you from start to finish.

The ‘Sound Of A Melody’ is the crowing glory of the album,  electro and techno combine to make a perfect finish to the album.

John Lord Fonda – The Sound Of A Melody by Citizen Records

We loved this album, we think from now on John Lord Fonda, should be known as John Lord Fonza, he’s just so cool, just like the coolest man alive The Fonz. It never tries too hard, it’s never boring and it’s a true testament that electro and techno can live side by side in perfect harmony; only a Frenchman on the top of his game could do this.

HBF Rating 9/10

The lovely people from Citizen have given two freebies to giveaway to you.

First up we have the video edit of ‘Emiliana’

John Lord Fonda – Emiliana (Video Edit) by Citizen Records

Download here.

And the Produkkt remix of the same track which is amazing.

John Lord Fonda – Emiliana (Produkkt Remix) by Citizen Records

Download here.


John Lord Fonda – Supersonique by Citizen Records

Out Now

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.