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The Chemical Brothers’ OST for Spy thriller ‘Hanna’ was released on iTunes today and it’s been on steady repeat ever since we got our hands on a copy last week.

For the Chems they had a difficult job at hand, there’s no way that the film and their music was a perfect fit in the same way Daft Punk seemed to be for Tron Legacy.

But in many ways this is where The Chems have out-shone their French counterparts, almost immediately you settle into their groove with the enchanting ‘Hanna Theme’ you know that your in for something a whole lot more interesting than Tron’s OST.

The CD moves swiftly through a number of genres, tempos and styles – notable highs for us electronic aficionados start with the Sci-Fi induced soundscape of ‘Escape 700’ which builds into a lovely dance orientated piece of electronica, there is of course soundscape throughtout the CD, but it’s all tempered with some really good dance tracks and ‘Escape 700’ is a perfect example.

The tempo and length of tracks really lends itself to multiple listens, the longer tracks tend to be the more electronic tracks, but they make such an impact that the CD gels really well for an OST.

The versatility on the whole impresses from start to finish, with the playful ‘The Devil In The Details’ showing a side we rarely see from the Chems – it’s such a refreshing change.

The CD begins to pick pace by the halfway point and ‘Bahnhof Rumble’ see’s the Chems doing what they do best, a dancefloor destroyer, it almost tricks you into think it’s all pleasantries, then out of know where you get a kick in the face and all is forgiven. Classic Chems.

Following swiftly on the next track keeps the high tempo with ‘The Devil Is The Beats’ there’s no doubt that a sweet fight scene will accompany this track. Probably involve some Irish people.

Other highs come in the shape of the 80’s beeps and bleeps of ‘Car Chase’ done in that overly dramatic manner well all love from the The Chemical Brothers. You’ll fall head-over-heals for the bulging bass of ‘Escape Wavefold’ which is also brash with electro excitement and show the Chems weren’t willing to compromise their sound too much.

For us this is a much better listen than the Tron soundtrack, more exciting, more unpredictable and more fun. And most importantly is has more than enough of what we have come to know and love from The Chems in it to keep even the most die hard of fans happy. We have no doubt we’ll be dancing in a field to many of these tracks at one of their live shows this summer. And we got a sneaking suspicion that the film is going to be much better than Tron too.

HBF Rating 9/10

Written by Alan Thornber.

Listen to a great selection of the tracks in the widget below and make up your own mind – were sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.