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Ever since we came across young Swiss funk dude Shoe Your Shoe, we’ve been captivated by his smooth 21st century funk. And today is a marquee day as he has his first EP out on Teenage Gang Records.

Consisting of 4 original pieces and two remixes we were even more excited that we were about to hear 3 completely new tracks.

SYS locks you into planet funk with the opening track ‘Pandi’ and it’s so carefree and smooth it immediately reminded us of Monsieur Breakbot. Smooth funk rythms all tempered with a musical chopping knife.

‘Azur Indigo Prisma Safran Marmor’ – immediately made us think of Kavinksy and his obsession with really old sounding synths, a more experimental track, but shows off SYS’s ability with more off the wall arrangements.

Next up we have ‘Arrival’ which I’m sure were all familiar with – and if you not go back and check the HBF vaults – this is without a doubt one of the most unique sounding pieces of modern electro funk we’ve ever heard. A masterpiece.

Technik City – Arrival by ShowYourShoe

And to finish the original pieces we have ‘Jet Skiiing’ it starts with a engine, then a funk rift that just grabs you instantly. Then when it breaks it’s a friend for life.

Technik City – Jet Skiing by ShowYourShoe

Moving on the EP comes with two remixes, first off we have Gabriall remix of ‘Jet Skiing’ he transforms the track into a more club orientated piece of electro – but were just not sure, it’s certainly not as good as the original, but a decent effort nonetheless.

And to finish we have the Drum Kina remix, much more to our liking with more of the original left intact – a much better remix for us than the Gabriall effort. But with original material this good we weren’t expecting much from the remixes anyway.

Overall, any giddy excitement that we had for SYS still remains, we firmly believe Nico and his computer are destined for great things.

Grab the Druma Kina remix for free.

Technik City – Jet Skiing (Druma Kina Remix)


Download here.

HBF Rating 8/10

Stay tuned for a second version of the release, including new remixes by Flashworx and Coupons.

A rather excited Nico took time away from Philosophy to answer 20 of our burning questions. And boy did he answer them.

What’s the first thing you thought about when you woke up today?
A cup of coffee with raspberry flavoured powder in it.

Jean Jacques Rousseau or Germaine de Staël ?
I’m more likely to read Rousseau.

5 Words describe your sound?
“nico” – “makes” – “music” – “with” – “computer”

What keeps you awake at night?
Much endorphine or a big lack of endorphine

Sum in 5 words your new EP?
Naive – impatient – kawaii – cheap – psycho

What was the last track that sent shivers down your spine?
Siriusmo – good idea

If your studio burned down and you could only save one thing what would you save?
The fire must be very big when I only have time to save one thing, and to get this big it must have been burning a while already. So technically, all the studio equipment must have melted or burned by the time I could make a decision at all. Anyway, I first would have to look whether the cat was still in the room, which is unlikely. Then I’d pick the watermelon that I’m growing, hoping that it was still alive. But after, I would be really sad because I didn’t have a chance to save the fast-burning Murakami exhibition poster.

What’s the best piece of advice anyone’s ever given you?
“Read the handbook.” unfortunately I never consequently did so.

Gruyere or Emmental ?
Sometimes I buy emmentaler.

Is there a God, and what’s your proof?
I don’t have any proof, therefore I have no reason to assume that there is a god.

Skiing Or Snowboarding?
I loved “1080 Snowboarding” (n64) as a kid, until my neighbours’ cat peed on it and i had to throw it away.

What’s the worst state you’ve ever been in?
with every song I get in that state at least once where I feel like it’s bad and uncreative and I’m never going to get better at what I do.

What’s your favourite swear word? Swiss or otherwise?
Saubitch (sau means pig, and I use it for everybody anytime)

What’s your favourite film quote?
My absolute favourite is where the big panda in “panda kopanda” says “kaisha?”, (which means “work” if the subtitles don’t lie). he’s astonished that he’s supposed to go to work. he’s a panda after all.

Funk Or Disco?

Where is heaven on earth for you?
In case I ever get immensely rich by accident, I might somehow try to build a real flying island. “heaven” wouldn’t be literally ON the earth then, but in the stratosphere or something.

What’s the best thing about your job?
I study philosophy. I might regret having done this when it comes to making a living, but I won’t regret it on the deathbed. That’s the best thing about it.

Chic or Blondie?
Both doesn’t describe me.

Who would you want to play you in film about your life?
No actors, because the film would be an animated cartoon where a lot of things that in reality don’t have faces do have faces.

Explain Your name ?
A drunk youth in a train from zürich to geneva was singing a song about how much he hated military service. it said “if you hate the fucking army clap your hands”. then he included all sorts of ridiculous actions in the song, one of them being “show your shoe”. he held one of his shoes up in the air, which was funny to watch. and I think he unintentionally created a beautiful act of protest against growing up.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.