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While everyone, including us, has been going Justice crazy, let’s not forget SebastiAn, it does seem rather odd that after years of waiting Ed Banger Records has decided to dropped the Justice bomb right in the middle of what should SebastiAn’s big push for his debut album.

We can’t wait for his album ‘Total,’ ignore that teaser, I’m almost certain that was a bit of odd marketing, especially as their was a massive backlash to music that came with it.

I’d be surprised if that track is even part of the album. Ed Banger needs to spread the word a bit more effectively, and give each artist a fair crack of the whip.

His first single is going to drop on March 28th and come with a remix from DJ Premiere. All we need now is to hear the bloody thing. Come on Ed Rec you want us to be excited by SebastiAn? It would help if we could hear some, even like 10 seconds.

Let just hope SebastiAn’s album isn’t overshadowed by Justice’s surprised return.

Here’s a nifty video of why were excited by Seb ! Just wait until he drops his bomb.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.