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The aptly named Blende are a duo from Stockholm who blend the genre lines between heavy hitting electro and the more musical side of the nu-disco and french touch. An interesting combination, and they make it work, with heavy grating synths that sit uneasily with disco breakdowns and reprises.

And further more they’ve commandeered Londoner and synth wizz-kid Louis La Roche to lend a hand with remixing duties. Many people including ourselves probably thought LLR was a french man, nope. He’s a Londoner, and just wanted to give himself franco name, much like Jacques Lu Cont, who is of course super producer Stuart Price.

The opening track ‘Egypto’ is a blend of Soulwax-like electro tempered with some disco grooves, it certainly more banger than disco, but it showcases their ability to form and uneasy coalition of sounds that are poles apart.

Blende – Egypto by La Bombe

Next up we have the b-side ‘One-sided’ which leans more to the melodic nu-disco/french touch side of things, not as obvious but a great track nonetheless, and its the one they gave to Louis to remix.

Blende – One-Sided by La Bombe

And to finish this disco trash smorgasbord we have the Louis La Roche remix which has been getting a lot of positive feedback, and we have to agree, he introduces a french funk vibe and it just sound so cool we almost fell off our chair. A classic in the making, especially with the vocoded vocal wizardry.

Blende – One Sided (Louis La Roche Innovation) by La Bombe

HBF Rating 8/10

Blende ‘Egypto/One-Sided is on full release from 16th May

With limited promos on Beatport from 28th March


Andrew Rafter

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