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We’ve featured Codebreaker before, but it was a while ago, and to be honest we’d forgotten all about them – well that is until today when we were alerted by one of our clued-up twitter followers – who notified us that their new album has just come out – we obviously set sail to their soundcloud.

They consist of Steven Hawley and Sage Schwarm – it says on their soundcloud that their from Christmas Island, which is somewhere in the South Pacific – they’re there just as much as we’re from Muffin Mountain.

The album kicks off with the particularly accomplished ‘Silver Lining’ a mish-mash of early Aeroplane and Royksopp – we posted it the first time – it’s the pure disco nectar of the summer.

Codebreaker – Silver Lining by Codebreaker Music

Moving swiftly on ‘Desire’ is similar but retains more of a 80’s dance vibe – worth a listen for sure.

Desire by Codebreaker Music

‘Follow Me’ is a lovely zinging piece of synth disco – simple in form – but ever so effective, a real head nodder from start to finish. We especially warmed to vocoded-vocal-wizardry and the cheeky guitar hook.

Follow Me by Codebreaker Music

Early favourite for us is ‘First True Love Affair’ a proper 80’s throw back – funky as hell and isn’t a million miles away the pioneers of funk – Chic. The vocal is a total giveaway.

First True Love Affair by Codebreaker Music

More disco beats insue with ‘Free Your Mind’ which again reminded of Aeroplane and all the other Belgium artists – but with a more traditional vocal.

First True Love Affair by Codebreaker Music

‘Sous L’ Choc’ featuring Marc Gauvin is cheesy like brie – but is fun and harmless. The vocal is too funny.

Sous l’ choc (feat. Marc Gauvin) by Codebreaker Music

To finish is ‘The Space Chase’ the title track and quite clearly the stand-out track next to ‘Silver Lining’ – much less a homage, but a track that brings disco kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Overall we enjoyed the whole album – quite traditional and maybe guilty of looking back a bit too much but if you like disco you’ll see right pass and towards the glitter ball in a space disco.

HBF 7/10


Buy it here.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.