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Bag Raiders were one of those acts that have been the darlings of the blogs, but this is never enough, yes they took over Hype Machine all the time, but as with all artists they have to make the next step – their debut LP has been out for a while down under and is now making it’s UK debut next week – have the electro pop duo come good on their potential? In one word. Yes.

‘Castles In The Air’ is the prefect start to the album, care free, warm and summerey it’s the perfect tonic for any cold day – lashing of pop, disco and glam makes for a track that is sure to win over many fans.

‘Sunlight’ is the sort of electro pop that just ouzes quality and fun – the constant sun of Australia seems to be a million miles away from the cold electronic music of europe – ‘Sunlight’ is like an early afternoon stroll on your favourite beach. Lovely.

Other notable tracks come from the 2-year-old ‘Shooting Stars’ a lovely MGMT-inspired hook draws you into some lovely psychedelic pop – we pictured Indiana Jones riding a unicorn on a beach – probably sums it up perfectly.

Bag Raiders tips the hat to Chromeo with ‘So Demanding’ a lovely funk drenched piece of disco – lovely rhythms, vocals and soft keys are the order of the day.

‘Golden Wings’ – a huge, lumbering monster of an acid house track that promises to pummel festival crowds over the summer.

The album ticks the right boxes for fans new and old, coming correct with sing-a-long choruses, deep-breath anthems, blissful chill and pure dancefloor energy.

Overall Bag Raiders have delivered with first LP – yes it’s not the most forward thinking or experimental – and in places it sounds all a bit too similar – but the good bits are more than good enough to make up for any of the minor shortcomings – if you like electro pop – this is the perfect balance. Never too hard and always musical – what else did you expect from duo that live in the sunshine 24/7.

HBF Rating 8/10

Grab the Stopmakingme Remix of ‘Sunlight’ for free.

Bag Raiders – Sunlight (Stopmakingme Remix) by Your Army

Download here.

Released 21st February on Modular.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.