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A mosaic is the perfect description for Siriusmo’s new album, it’s a proper patch work of quirky beats, grooves and noises, this particular german producer has quite a tale behind him, he’s actually an accomplished graffiti artist and does his music as a side project of sorts. There’s also a rumour that he suffers from serious stage fright to the point that he can’t perform in front of a crowd. We have to say we’ve never seen him on any line-ups – shame as he has the music to make something quite special.

We’ve got a preview of his latest album “Mosiak” and we have to say that it blew us away from the off – it’s quirky mish-mash of techno, house, electronica and dubstep, but it’s weaved in such a way that makes it’s a immensely satisfying listen – from what we’ve heard this is looking like an early contender of album of the year – it’s out in February 25’th, with the US date set for March 1st on Monkeytown Records. Cannot wait.

Siriusmo “Mosaik” (MONKEYTOWN010 CD & 2xLP) out Feb 25 / US date March 1st by Modeselektor

Andrew Rafter

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