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Ever since we came across Les Rhythm Dgitale/Jacques Lu Cont, way way before he fell in love with Madonna and had sleep overs at Take Thats house.  We’ve always had a penchant for quirky disco house tracks – sample heavy but but then torn apart by an eletronic artist who knows how to make clever arrangements, you know the ones that can keep a listener from start to finish – music with a an unpredictable rogue element, but not a destructive one.

Well, Show Your Shoe aka Swiss-man Nico Mueller – has this sort of funk streak right through his music especially track “Technik City” – it’s has the imagination of say a Siriusmo/Shook – but the clean precise sounds of early Daft Punk/Rex The Dog – it’s really really good.

A real gem for those of you who like something a little but more care free but stimulating. Apparently he’s trying to get it released, those of you who have this power you should wield your magic wand and make this happen.

A promising start.

Show Your Shoe – Technik City Arrival


Download here.

Via TMS, again.

Lots of tracks on his Myspace for you to check out too.

Andrew Rafter

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