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This might well be the first artist from Portugal to be featured on HBF – well not anymore. Moullinex is from Portugal and now lives in the Mecca of electronic tech-guff Germany, it must be really hard to live in a place where techno is so revered. We applaud him! As this techno snobbery must stop!

Decent house and nu-disco provide us with a great educational tool to try and show certain artists about melody and how pop ‘n click percussion isn’t the best thing ever – and of course a monotonous kick – can’t forget the kick. Tech-snobs best friend. That and Ketamin.

Well, with a decent dollop of musicality house/disco man, Moulinex is giving away his track “Love It Is Then” and it reminded us of the sort of house music Groove Armada became famed for – lots of old-school noise’s ooze throughout. He’s signed to Gomma, and this is no surprise as it has their style all over it.

Moullinex – Love it is, Then – Free download! by Moullinex

Download here.

His new EP is out now on Beatport and is very good, lovely disco with a shade German confusion, works really well.

You can buy it here. And listen to it below.

Chocolat EP by Moullinex


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