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Punks Jumps Up are a London duo who are signed to taste-makers Kitsune and their latest release “Blockhead” see’s their brand of wonky dance music take centre stage.

“Blockhead’ is a heavy concoction electro – if it were a music cocktail it would be; 1 part 2 Many DJs percussion, 1 part Crookers rave hook and 1 part early morning roadworks – served on a bed of acid ice, in a goblet.

The press release makes perfect sense of this track “Every time Punks Jump Up has played this song in clubs the crowd totally changes dance style & starts making jerky, spastic dance moves along with the music, as if the dancers get somewhat possessed while hearing it. Play it and you will see!”

Next up, is the Hey Today! remix which is re-blocked apparently, again more wonky flavours, this track wouldn’t be out place during a rave at Willy Wonkers Chocolate Factory – uppar lumpars dancing next to the chocolate river as ‘Hey Today’ pumps out of the mushroom speakers.

There are also remixes from Stopmakingme, In Flagranti and a rather lovely more reflective version from SymbolOne. Which you get as a present.

We liked the unashamedly wonky nature of ‘Blockhead’ and really can see why 2 Many Dj’s used it as a staple track in their Under The Covers tour, in full effect with the trade mark 2ManyDJ’s animations in background. It’s electro, but not as we know it. Lookout for more Punks Jumps Up in 2011.

HBF Rating 7/10

Released on Kitsune January 31st 2011.

Punks Jump Up – Blockhead (SymbolOne)


Download here.

And watch their interactive trailer too.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.