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So, after a crappy day at HBF Towers – our whole world has been brightened up, as we’ve got an exclusive package of goodies from Kitsune’s JBag – who of course we featured a couple of weeks ago with their sublimely catchy track “X-Ray Sex” ft Louise Prey.

The track has got a style of its own, funky pop hooks with snappy electro beats combine to bridge electro and pop in a way the just oozes great taste – very similar to 2010’s man of the year Yuksek.

First of all, we’ve got you lucky readers an “Best of 2010” DJ mix, which is simply amazing, you know you’re in for a real treat when they combine Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” and Flight Facilities “Crave You” at the beginning – it really is something special. Easily the best thing we’ve heard in 2011 – well you know what we mean.

JBAG best of 2010 dj mix by JBAG London

And to top that we’ve been given an exclusive Gabriel Gabriel remix of “X-Ray Sex” re-edited by JBag. They’ve taken it down the analog synth route with some plump melodic melodies. Then half way through it swishes effortlessly into a pumping disco jamboree – all bells and whistles. We love it.

JBag – X Ray Sex (Gabriel Gabriel remix JBag edit)


Grab here.

Even though we just said it couldn’t be topped…….it can. They’ve also let it be known that the stems for “X-Ray Sex” are now on their Soundcloud page – so everyone can have a go at remixing it. We of course have a link where you find the various parts of the track. As a wise man once said “Let the remixing commence”. Grab them all below

JBag remix Stems.

JBAG’s debut single ‘X Ray Sex’ ft. Louise Prey (ex-Ping Pong Bitches) is released Jan’ 24th 2011 on Continental records digital. Remixes come from Jolie Cherie (Paris), Gabriel Gabriel (London) and Kill The Hero (Osaka).


Andrew Rafter

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