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In what feels like a horrible piece of deja-vu Villa’s main production man Sebastiaan Vandevoorde has decided to leave Belgium disco outfit and start a new moniker under the name of Moonlight Matters. It’s like Aeroplane all over again. But once again it’s a very amicable split – if that’s possible.

As with all of these Belgium splits – both Villa and Moonlight Matters will go onto great things, we have no doubt.

Seb has already done a retro futuristic remix of Digitalism’s new track Blitz, which of course Villa remixed a few weeks ago – confused ? We are.

Digitalism – Blitx (Moonlight Matters)


Grab here.

He’s already done another remix too, it’s a cosmic disco re-working of Silver Columns “Brow Beaten” – and you guessed it, it sounds a lot like Villa. Nothing surprising there then.

Silver Columns – Brow Beaten (Moonlight Matter Remix)


Grab here.

And what is part of the course for these splits, he’s already done a sweet new mixtape – combine that with some remixes for Ellie Goulding, The Drums and Claire Maguire. And the future for Moonlight Matters looks good.

Moonlight Matters – Moonlight Music Tape One by Moonlight Matters


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