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Kitsuné; the art of French chic and twee-bling has just sent over their obligatory Christmas present – and rather than make a mix as a warm up to your Christmas, they have decided to make a mix to bring you down from your turkey-induced Christmas high – all the fun has to end at some point? So, why not let Jerry Bouthier & Kitsuné bring you down in a sensual serene manner.

Jerry Bouthier xmas mix 2010 by jerry bouthier

The download link has reached its limit, but we’ve been assured it will be working again shortly.

Update: We’ve got a new download link for you.

Grab it here.

Here’s what Jerry had to say about the whole thing…..

And not any kind of mix, this is different… usually my mixes (BoomBox, Ponystep, Inter-Continental…) are for getting ready to go out, whereas this one is for when you get back home, not too fast, not too full-on, simply lovely vibes… you can still dance to it mind.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.

1. Is Tropical ‘South Pacific’
“Love them and this song in particular. Watch out for Is Tropical in 2011, the album is ready to go. ”

2. Walter Sobcek ‘Je Me Souviens (NightWaves remix)’
“This fitted perfectly with ‘South Pacific’, very lucky.’

3. The B-52’s ‘Mesopotamia (White Girl Lust bootleg-JB edit)’
“Some bass-heavy bootleg of the David Byrne produced gem I picked up god knows where. Had to re-edit it and make it way more compact, turned out a bit of a deep bomb, no?’

4. JBAG ‘X Ray Sex’
“Our debut JBAG single currently promoted on the blogs, digital release 24/01/11 with remixes by Jolie Cherie (Paris), Kill The Hero (Osaka) and Gabriel Gabriel (London).”

5. Fingers Inc ‘Can You Feel It (John Daley version-JB edit)’
“The best edit in my opinion on the forthcoming Trax 25 cd that DJ History have put together in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the legendary Chicago imprint. Half a century-old and still brilliant.”

6. Holy Ghost! ‘Static On The Wire (RAC remix)’
“Another of my fave acts around, this remix by RAC turns these NY hipsters into heart-melting funky pop.”

7. Jamiroquai ‘White Knuckle Ride (Penguin Prison instrumental remix-JB edit)’
“Not so mad on the actual song but I became obsessed with this instrumental remix and had to edit my own version, which I simply can’t get enough of. It’s that totally Phoenix mood in the verses, the Hammond organ and the muted guitar line… heaven coming out of the stereo.”

8. The Hundred In The Hands ‘Young Aren’t Young (JB edit)’
“This duo’s fab debut album turned up without warning. These two effortlessly combine pop, electro, new-wave and everything else in between that tackles their fancy. Sublime.”

9. Oliver Koletzki ‘Since You Are Gone (Daso remix)’
“Again very lucky, this works so well with the acappella of ‘Young Aren’t Young’ on top. It’s like part 2 of the same song.”

10. Two Door Cinema Club ‘What You Want (Mustang final remix)’
“Here is in its full glory Mustang’s own final mix of their ace rework of TDCC’s biggest hit so far. Great job from our Bruxelles cousins.”

11. Bot’Ox ‘Car Jacked’
“Cosmo Vitelli and his I’m A Cliché label release lots of great tunes. This guy’s so talented, it’s criminal you don’t hear more of him. But history will tell, no doubt.”

12. Keane ‘Clear Skies (Villa’s dub)’
“Not er… Keane’s biggest fan but it’s got to be said the guys from Villa have done a fantastic job. Folk-disco anyone?”

13. MAY68 ‘The Prisoner (Cecile remix-JB edit)’
“Cecile has to be my favourite new producer this year. Almost everything he touches turns into gold. His early 90s balearic meets nu italo vibe is simply too gorgeous for words.”

14. Space ‘Deliverance (The Love Supreme’s hard disko remix)’
“Fine London label Nang (part of the UK stable regrouping Tirk, Lipservice, Bearfunk…) had the good idea to release a best of Space (French 70S disco band best known for his classic ‘Magic Fly’) as well as some properly out there reinterpretations.”

15. Cock’n’Bull Kid ‘One Eye Closed (Kris Menace remix-JB edit)’
“Moving on towards Germany as the pace’s getting more robotic… pitched down correctly this haunting remix really gets to you, it’s like Kate Bush gone eurorave.”

16. Black Strobe ‘Me and Madonna (Jolie Cherie remix)’
“Back in Paris for Black Strobe’s cult hit (almost 10 years!) candidly remixed by buddies Jolie Cherie, particularly love the backing vocals Etienne felt he had to add to this new version.”

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.