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JBag, we’ve posted him many times, and to be honest we’ve always thought of him as that guy who does those mini-mixes for Kitsune – and to be honest that statement is almost true. But there’s much more to JBag as they’re ready to drop their first track “X Ray Sex”.

It actually turns out we knew nothing really, he is actually them – you’ve guessed it, they’re a duo – super fail on our investigative journalism there. But we going to make it up as were going to give you a couple of gifts. So all is not lost.

The duo consists of djs/producers Jerry Bouthier & Andrea Gorgerino – and they make an infectious noise that draws from Italo, electro and pop.

This becomes obvious as Jbag consists of a Frenchman and Italian who are actually based in London. The track features Louise Prey (ex-leader of the sadly split-up Ping Pong Bitches) on vocals and comes with an amazing remix from Parisian Jolie Cherie. And Kill The Hero and Gabriel Gabriel.

J Bag – X Ray Sex


Grab here.

We’ve been given permission from our friends across the channel to giveaway the remix from Parisian Jolie Cherie – who it turns out we know nothing about – but we really should. As they’ve, he or her, have made quite a impression with the Blackstrobe-esque remix of the track. Proper little banger – but tastefully done. Grab them both in full 320 glory and look for JBag in the near future. As we will.

JBag – X Ray Sex (Jolie Cherie remix)


Grab here.

Andrew Rafter

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