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The adventures of Mighty Mouse has been something we’ve been following for some time, we absolutely adored their new Disco Battles CD and have been posting every track they send our way. Well, their busy recording the new album with a full live band, but whilst they continue this they are about to drop their concept album “Song With No Words” which they somehow made whilst making their proper full length. Confused? So are we.

Needless to say our confusion was quickly subdued when we got hold of a promo copy this week. We’ve listened to whole thing several times and loved every minute of it. It’s broken down into ten “Movements” all with no names. A proper concept album.

From start to finish you know your listening to some effortlessly smooth disco, from a duo that have produced a set of tracks that managed to distill everything that’s great about their brand of quirky cinematic disco.

If you like nu-disco; this CD is a must for you. It’s unashamedly disco with influences all over the place, from Air to Cassius and Royksopp to Aeroplane. Very rarely does a CD truly represent the artist that its made by, compromises are made along the way – this doesn’t seemed to have happened with “Song With No Words”.

It’s theatrical mirror ball madness, and it never deviates to far from its core and doesn’t come across as a CD made with singles in mind. You need to listen to it as a whole rather than trying to pick out the gems.

They’ve certainly honed their craft and you can see this mature approach to their work in every single track – there’s no filler, or 2-miute wonders. 10 tracks perfectly made and executed – normally albums have high and lows, peak and troffs – but they have gone for a focused approach – each track is as good as the one before or after it.

It’s not cheesy, nor music by numbers – it ends up being something that could only be made by a duo who live and breathe disco and all of it forms, from early pioneers like Chic to more modern interpretations that are coming out of Belgium. With a new album out next year the adventures of Mighty Mouse are something that you should keep an eye out for.

Grab Movement 5 here for free.

Mighty Mouse – Movement 5


Grab here.

You can pre-order it now from Amazon.

‘Song With No Word’ – Limited Edition CD and Vinyl
Release Date:  6 December 2010
Label: History / Disco Circus Records

HBF Rating 10/10

Andrew Rafter

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