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FuzZ is a new American producer who makes a great sounding amalgamation of electro, hip hop and dubstep, he’s signed to Spectrophonic Sound, the label owned and run by Squeak E. Clean of N.A.S.A. He’s got a new concept EP out, called Spark Vision. It’s a 23-minute 9-track collection of delightfully evil, and strangely sparkly music, meshing distorted funk riffs with 80’s inspired synthesis and heavy psychedelic interludes.

If your looking for us to pigeon-hole him, this would be difficult – but it would be fair a comparison if we likening his sound to Janski Beats with a dash of Jakwob – he certainly knows how to make synths wobble, but their often shiny rather that ghetto rugged. But it’s still tough sounding electro.

The EP starts of well with a lovely swirling intro – then it jumps into cryptic dubstep wobbler “Marshmallow Bazooka” – imagine if Danger did dubstep – and your bang on the money. Squelchy synths and bazooka beats – it’s all in the name really.

A psychedelic interlude enters the fray for “Safe in my Hoody” no beats, but good comfort fodder. Funk meets Dubstep for the next track “Scheim” whilst “Let’s Play Deathball” throws you a leftfiield curve ball. The EP picks up again with mesmerising “C3PO Vs Charizard”. tAnd the EP finishes with “Magic” a fitting end to a interesting concept EP.

We warmed to FuzZ almost immediately – it’s quite clear that Dubstep is mutating into an almost infinite number of different sub-genres. It really is an exciting time for this new form of experimental electronic music and FuzZ will be a name to watch alongside other American artists like Flying Lotus.

HBF Rating 7/10

You can grab stand-out track “Marshmallow Bazooka” for free.

Fuzz – Marshmallow Bazooka


Grab here.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.