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We’re not entirely sure who or what Janski Beats are, it might be a computer game, a comic book hero, a manga character – one thing we know it’s French.

It’s the project of a musician and illustrator Jansé, off stage, he writes a comic (inspired  by japanese manga) that tells the story of the young Janski. On stage, Jansé embodies his character and plunges us into his universe, thanks to the video projections.

He makes some crazy noises – marrying 16bit beeps and bleeps, windows xp noises, drum and bass rolls and anything goes production, it shouldn’t work but somehow Jansé brings it all together.

It’s gonna take you a while to make sense of this extremely leftfield music, he’s not a DJ, but a live performer, imagine Yuksek trapped in a old computer games system – making music from the myriad of terrible noise, and you’re someway to understanding his music.

If you like the cut of his gib,  “Game Planet” was out on September 27th on the label Un je-ne-sais-quoi. He was also chosen to perform at Le Printemps de Bourges festival in 2010 as one of the best upcoming electro artists in France. Check out his performance below.

We were given the choice of one of the six tracks on the EP to giveaway and again, it was a really hard decision, they are all great, but we went through them all and finally decided on “Grandavia” simply: a stunning piece of electro.

It’s available now here JUNO, BEATPORT, ITUNES

Janski Beats – Grandavia


Grab here.

Check out his Live performance at Bourges.



Andrew Rafter

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