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Looks like there’s some life the American indie scene as Hey Champ and Gemini Club, both from Chicago, combine to do the dirty on each others tracks. Both indie cross-overs have caught the eye of the blogs recently and this will no doubt continue with this latest offering.

Firs of all, Hey Champ have remixed Gemini’s debut “Ghost” giving it a lovely chilled-out pop-glaze. Grab it now for free. “Ghost” is released mid-November through Loose Change/Schmooze Records.


Grab here.

And as return favour, Gemini Club have gone mental on the Hey Champ’s “Cold Dust Girl” – sounds a bit like Soulwax in the land of the Teletubbies. Then waking up about half-way through. It’s really, really good.


Grab here.

GHOST : Tracklisting

1. Ghost (Original Mix)
2. Ghost (Hey Champ Remix)
3. Ghost (Only Children Remix)
4. Ghost (Golden Bug Remix)
5. Ghost (Midnight Conspiracy Remix)
6. Ghost (Barretso Remix)
7. Ghost (Blue Satellite Remix)
8. Ghost (Gemini Club Re-Edit)

And a show somewhere.

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